Each year at the General Assembly, the EGU organizes a limited number of Union Symposia (USs) and Great Debates (GDBs). These union-wide events cover inter- or transdisciplinary topics that are cutting-edge, current, and of interest to a broad range of the space and geosciences. USs and GDBs are web-streamed and archived online (2018 examples) after the General Assembly (subject to speaker and convener agreement).

Submission of proposals for a US and GDB is possible during the call-for-sessions, but please note the earlier deadline. The proposals are evaluated for acceptance in EGU’s programme committee before the deadline of the general call-for-sessions. Rejected proposals should be considered for submission to a regular session.

When submitting a proposal for a US or GDB, please consider these guidelines:

  • Please check the general convener guidelines.
  • A US consists of two time blocks separated by a break. Each time block has 3 lectures of 30 minutes each (so the US has a total of 6 lectures). In addition, each time block can have 15 minutes for introduction or discussion.
  • GDBs are panel discussions with a moderator. Typically the panel has 3–5 members in addition to the moderator. A GDB lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • USs and GDBs are meant to be current and are therefore not automatically rolled over to the next year.
  • The EGU strongly encourages diversity in career stage, gender, and country of work or origin for US and GDB speakers and conveners.
  • EGU recommends a maximum of three (co-)convenerships at its General Assembly. One additional (co-)convenership for US or GDB is allowed (i.e. a maximum of four).
  • US and GDB proposals need to include a list of preliminary speakers and a budget (see below). The call-for-sessions interface provides you with two text boxes: one for the session description and one for information like the list of preliminary speakers and budget request.
  • Speakers in Union Symposia are solicited. They need to submit an abstract using a PIN code provided by the US convener by the abstract deadline of the General Assembly.
  • As a guideline, US and GDB speakers, conveners, and moderators do not receive discounted abstract processing charges, registration fees, or travel reimbursement. Financial support is, however, available in a limited number of cases. The EGU will consider support requests for speakers who bring something extra to our participants, who are not space or geoscientists, who would otherwise not attend EGU’s General Assembly, and who do not have funds to cover their expenses.
  • Financial support requests are subject to approval by the treasurer, executive secretary, and programme committee chair and form part of the evaluation of US and GDB proposals. We consider requests for day-pass registration and support for accommodation and/or travel. As a guideline, travel support should not exceed €350 and €1,000 for travel within Europe and from outside Europe, respectively. Accommodation should not exceed €120 per night, and up to 2 nights can be granted if justifiable.