The EGU2019 conference app does not collect or store any personal information. The following three optional interactive services will ask you for identification:

Personal programme

You are able, but not obliged, to use an existing Copernicus Office user account to synchronize your EGU2019 app with a personal programme created on the EGU2019 conference website. This optional service can be found under "Personal programme, synchronize". When using the personal programme synchronization, you are asked to enter your Copernicus Office user ID and password. This information will be used to identify your account and link the personal programmes you created on the EGU2019 website. No additional information will be stored to identify or track your device. When using the synchronization service, you are free to log out at any point without losing any functionalities of the EGU2019 app.


In case you decide to send us feedback regarding the EGU2019 mobile app, we will kindly request your email address. This address will only be used for additional feedback regarding your issue. The address will not be used for any other purpose than the handling of your feedback. Your address will be deleted after your issue has been resolved.

Contact to an author

In case you decide to get in contact with one of the EGU2019 authors, we kindly request your email address. This address is used for the contact email that the EGU2019 system sends to the respective author. This allows the author to respond to your feedback directly. By using this optional service, you consent that the contacted author will see the email address provided. The EGU2019 will not store your email address.

In case any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us: